Artists and Consumer Words of Praise

"I absolutely love the O-Port, it’s made a real difference sonically to the overall quality of my guitar, somehow it sounds bigger, smoother and just generally a nicer tone, my band and crew all agree, they can clearly also hear the difference, I’ll not be leaving home without it from now on!"
-Amy Macdonald

"The O-Port made my Martin HD-28 sound even better!! It took everything great about the tone and made it richer."
-Scott Ian

"The O'Port is something every acoustic player should have for their guitar. A crisp, clear enhanced tone."
- Greg Tribbett

"The O PORT is AMAZING! I have been getting huge praise for the sound and the way it helps project and focus is perfect for a live situation."
- Adrian Eccleston, Kylie Minogue, Nelly Furtado,

“The O-Port is destined to play a major role in the way acoustic instruments will be recorded.
- Brent Wilson of The Wagoneers


“I always enjoy discovering and trying new devices to make the recording process easier, better and more fun. I’ve just heard an amazing device called the O-Port. The difference really becomes obvious when you place a mic in front of the instrument. It’s a kind of “acoustic enhancer” that any serious player, recording engineer or producer would notice.”

- Neil Dorfsman, acclaimed producer for Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan and many others.

Neil was involved in the mic-ing and technical testing of the O-Port.


"I have been playing the same guitar for around 10 years and I love it so much that I cannot bring myself to upgrade to a more expensive guitar. Besides as a musician I am always broke. The O-Port makes my guitar sound like the guitar that I can't afford!"

- Dan Donnelly 


"Acoustically, " The O Port" makes a massive differnce to the volume and clarity of my guitar. The guild that i have sometimes can have  muddy mids, but "the o port" made a diffence to this, and the definition of the guitar's chordal sound, overall, was improved."
- Maeve O'Boyle

“Just got the OPORT. It made my battle ax ring sweet and i'm using it on the gig tonight. The OPORT is instant acoustic horsepower, clear and sweet...”
- Roger Alan Wade


"We had a guitar that was slightly anemic in the bass response and when we installed the O-port on it the bass seemed to improve."

-Tim Morral, OH

“At first we thought it was a gimmick but we installed the o-port on a few different guitars and heard a significant difference.  We liked it so much we are thinking about adding it to all the guitars we sell.”

“The tone of the guitar has most definitely become richer and fatter, it seems like without darkening the higher end which was our only fear. When I play the guitar that used to have a slight fault in being a bit too thin at times it now offers much more dynamics and a round, longer reaching sound. In my case you have proven that an already great sounding instrument, my 1964 J50 can be adjusted delicately to another place while still keeping its original identity and sound.”
- Teitur Lassen, singer and songwriter

“Having grown up in a "Do-It-Yourself" home, my Dad built our "Hi-Fi" stereo from a kit, custom fabricating all of his own cabinets; shortly thereafter I began building speaker cabinets from cardboard boxes. Over the years, with honed carpentry skills the speaker cabinets were crafted from wood. Observation and research from practice and books introduced me to the concept of porting the speaker cabinets, the fun part. Also having been blessed with musicians for friends allowed me endless time listening to the sounds from acoustic guitars. One day it rang clear: The acoustic guitar body sounded like a speaker cabinet with no port installed in the hole. "Why does the resonating chamber of the guitar have no tuned port installed?", I asked myself. Well, after a decade of engineering and experimentation, The O-Port has arrived.”
- Eric Schmidt, the invetor of O-Port

“Freaking genius, dude. Seriously. My jumbo Alvarez sounds twice as good with the O-Port in! THANKS!!!!!”

- Michael Carmody Wichita, KS

“I put an O-Port in my 70's Sho-Bud guitar it really brought it to life.  It has a much warmer, fuller sound.”
- Wayne Gottstine Wichita, KS

“Must say I love the O-port. It was easy to install and transformed the sound of my guitar. The tone is richer and warmer, with more sustain and volume. Congratulations.
- Craig Owens Wichita, KS Professor of Guitar, Wichita State University

“When I first heard about O-port, although I understood how this product could help, I was somewhat skeptical. Not anymore! I ordered one, quickly and easily snapped it in place, and noticed an immediate and impactful difference in the volume, clarity and "thump" of my acoustic guitar. Best of all, it all but eliminates feedback when I play live. Needless to say, I immediately ordered 5 more. My line of acoustic guitars range from $300 up to $3000. O-port is now installed and making a difference in all of them.
This product really works!
- Steve Brown Mooresville, NC

“The O-Port makes a mini sound like a jumbo and a piece of junk sing like an angel!  Welcome to too good to be true...
- Gavin Peters

"The O-Port, has greatly improved the overall sound of my guitar. It's louder than ever without being too 'boomy' in the low end. The O-Port is just good acoustic mojo, plain and simple! I love it!"
- Craig Dermer

"I found that the O-Port significantly improved the tone and quality of the sound from my Yamaha acoustic/electric. I had just replaced the saddle and nut, which were plastic with bone, when I put the O-Port in, I could not believe the improvement. You have really made a revolutionary product for acoustic guitars. Thanks again."
- Denny James singer/songwriter

“Whoever imagined a small round contraption that is inserted into the hole of your acoustic guitar could make all the difference in the world. I found something that does and it’s called the O-Port. It has completely reshaped the sound of my guitar into another dimension.  It dissolves any feedback, increases volume, provides more warmth, defines the clarity and gives it an overall better sound.  My average sounding guitar now sounds fantastic!”
– Drexel from Drexel & the Bootleggers. Drexel Baker, Drexel and the Bootleggers

"I have recently been made aware of your product by COAST Music and sold three O-PORTS my first week"
- Mark U., Music Store owner, Quebec Canada

"Installed O-port: No problem. My Martin is the laminate HPL construction. It's my 1st guitar, so i can live with it, but wish I would have known at time of purchase; woulda got a wood one. O-Port makes it sound much better. When I do get new one, will order another unit. YUP, I luv it!" -Dan Gawry Willoughby, OH

"The O-port is great...makes my acoustic electric, normally fairly low volume when unplugged because it's not as thick as an acoustic, sound much fuller. Haven't tried it plugged in yet (PA issues)." -Steve Roberts Forest, VA

"I do LOVE my O-port, particularly when playing live."-Jack Carroll Wyncote, PA

"The O-PORT™ is a very cool thing I love the way it projects the sound of my Martin D18"-Jeff Crosson Hellertown, PA