• 04-28-2010

    Italy's AXE calls the O-PORT "ideal and perfect"

    As soon as the O-Port is put in place, there is an immediate change in the timbre of the instrument, which can be described as a definite decrease in the mid-bass frequencies.

    Consequently, there is the impression that the sound is amplified – yet balanced – without any high pitches. It's pleasant to the ear, …

    There are some changes dynamically with a – perhaps apparent – increased projection of the sound with a slightly higher volume…

    These changes make the notes more detailed, as if they were “on fire.”

    We obtained a loud, balanced sound, clean and precise, we’d almost say “ideal and perfect” as well as completely resistant without having moved even one slider or knob on the mixer or the guitar. Amazed by its efficiency, we physically removed the O-Port from the instrument, leaving it connected with the same mixer settings. The results: uuuuuuuu… [Feedback].

    In conclusion, O-Port is an efficient feedback killer and sound enhancer to amplify the acoustic guitar with extremely natural results …

    Fabrizio Dadò


    Having mounted the O-Port on our Maton EBG808C Michael Fix Custom guitar, we immediately saw the high and low frequencies jump, fluidly, gently but with definition. Strumming is amazing. It feels like the speakers have become bigger all of a sudden and the feeling of the instrument is incredible. It’s as if the sound encompasses us. Working on fingerstyle for a second, however, we note that what surprised us is the double-edge sword, since we have an unbalanced instrument that is decidedly lazier in responding to the dynamics created on the third and fourth strings in particular. In other words, the stakes are very high: we gained volume which is great for an unplugged solo, but the lack of balance is hard on our finger pads.

    Once the guitar is amplified, we focus on the anti-feedback effect of the O-Port, which, to put it mildly, blows us away: without posing the problem and getting right up close to the amplifiers (SR Technology Jam 150 Plus), we don’t hear any feedback. The volume is high and we think about how much our six strings would have had to yell without this O-Port. Additionally, we can play with the equalizer in order to hide a little of that cut off that made us wonder about the homogeneity of the sound during fingerstyle.

     Luca Ferrara


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