1. What is an O-Port?

The O-Port is a small, light plastic disc engineered to improve the sound of any acoustic guitar, with main emphasis on richness and fullness of its sound as well as feedback reduction.

2. How does the O-Port work?

The O-Port adjusts the way sound resonates through the body of an acoustic guitar. Its unique shape controls the movement of sound waves created by string vibration. This generates more volume, a better clarity and a fuller sound.

3. What guitar is the O-Port suitable for?

The O-Port can be used on any acoustic guitar with a round sound hole. It comes in two colors and sizes for guitars with a smaller (3.375” to 3.5”) and bigger (3.843” to 4”) sound hole.

4. Will I hear the difference?

The O-Port modifies and improves the sound of every guitar. The effect works for high-end guitars as well as cheaper instruments and is especially audible when using a microphone. If you are still not sure, check out the "Artists" section for feedback from guitar pros.