What is an O-Port?

A truly brilliant product of acoustical engineering, the O-Port gives any guitar more clarity, richer sound and brighter notes. It is a unique product of soundwave science that does more than just suppress feedback; with the O-Port, your acoustic guitar will have more clarity, better projection and a sound so enhanced that you will never want to take it out again.

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American Songwriter Review

"The O-PORT can make a less expensive guitar-a guitar that uses cheaper woods and less-sophisticated bracing-have characteristics similar to something off the top shelf."

Local company wins big with music invent...

Two Westlake residents have patented and launched a new music accessory that appears well on the way to improving the sound coming out of acoustic guitars everywhere.

Pillows, Balloons and O-Ports

There are a few things in a guitar tech's workbox that might puzzle a casual observer. I have at various times carried around pillow stuffing, which was used to tame an overly responsive Dobro from feeding back. Other...

Austin residents find success in innovat...

AUSTIN — In the midst of a rough economy, sometimes all it takes to get a business off the ground is an innovative idea, a perseverant attitude and faith in something unknown.

Acoustic Magazine UK Review

"When fitted with the O-PORT, the instrument displayed and evenness in tone and dynamic that it previously hadn't had"

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